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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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VMC has extensive experience in Design-Build projects. In this project delivery method, the Design-Builder has 100% responsibility and accountability. In Design-Build the construction company is responsible for hiring a qualified architect and then overseeing all design from early schematic design through construction administration. You have a single point of contact who is fully invested in the success of the design/build process.

VMC prefers to work with Design-Build clients from the earliest stages of the project’s gestation. VMC’s real estate acumen allows clients to benefit from our 30 years of site selection and site optimization experience. Not sure a particular building type will work on a plot of land you’re considering acquiring? Work with VMC and see things through the lens of a seasoned real estate, zoning and permitting expert.


Why Design-Build?

The chart above illustrates how the Design-Build method streamlines the building process and can “fast track” your project. With Design-Build, project costs are established sooner, construction schedules can be condensed, more innovative solutions can be explored, and overall you have greater control over your project.

Below are additional advantages of the Design-Build project delivery method:


  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Project Costs Established Sooner
  • Condensed Construction Schedules
  • More Innovative Solutions
  • Greater Control
  • Team Approach
  • More Experience
  • Unequaled Quality
  • Fewer Changes
  • Improved Risk Management